The Golden Compasses

auteur: Leon Voet

bron: Leon Voet, The Golden Compasses. The History of the House of Plantin-Moretus. Vangendt & Co, Amsterdam / Routledge & Kegan Paul, London / Abner Schram, New York 1969-1972. (2 delen)  



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The Golden Compasses

The History of the House of Plantin-Moretus

Leon Voet


[Deel I] Preface

List of plates and illustrations

Part I The Plantin-Moretus Dynasty Chapter 1 Christophe Plantin, a Prince of Printers

Chapter 2 Plantin's Descendants

Chapter 3 Jan I Moretus (1589-1610)

Chapter 4 Balthasar I (1610-1641) and Jan II Moretus (1610-1618)

Chapter 5 Balthasar II Moretus (1641-1674)

Chapter 6 Balthasar III Moretus (1674-1696)

Chapter 7 The later Moretuses

Part II ‘The big house called the Plantin Press’ Chapter 8 The Plantin Houses

Chapter 9 The House in the Vrijdagmarkt

Chapter 10 The Patrician Residence

Chapter 11 The Library

Chapter 12 The Plantin House as a Humanist Centre

Chapter 13 The Plantin House as a Tourist Attraction

Chapter 14 The Plantin-Moretus Museum

Appendixes Appendix 1 A Tour of the Plantin-Moretus Museum

Appendix 2 Chronological List of the Masters of the Gulden Passer

Appendix 3 Genealogy of the Masters of the Gulden Passer

Appendix 4 Notes on the Genealogy of the Later Moretuses

Appendix 5 The Plantinian Printing Office: Presses in Operation, 1564-1765

Appendix 6 Notes on the Currency and Money Values in the Netherlands in the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Centuries



[Deel II] Preface

List of Plates and Illustrations

Introductory Chapter 1 Records and Accounts

The printer's materials Chapter 2 Paper and Parchment

Chapter 3 Ink

Chapter 4 Type Material

The Printer's Techniques and Methods Chapter 5 The Printing Shop

Chapter 6 Choice of Type, Format and Size of Edition

Chapter 7 Proof Correction

Chapter 8 Illustration

Chapter 9 Binding

Publishing Chapter 10 Censorship and Privileges

Chapter 11 Manuscripts and Authors

Chapter 12 Production Times

Working conditions and industrial relations Chapter 13 The Printing Press and its Staff

Chapter 14 An Unruly Republic

Sales and finances Chapter 15 Costing

Chapter 16 Sales

Chapter 17 Computations and Payments

Chapter 18 Loans

Chapter 19 Difficulties of the Business

Appendixes Appendix 1 Balance-sheet of the Firm's Activities in the Year 1566

Appendix 2 Books Bought and Sold in the Year 1566

Appendix 3 Books Bought and Sold in the Year 1609

Appendix 4 Books Bought and Sold in the Year 1650

Appendix 5 The Frankfurt Book Fairs Lent Fair 1579

Appendix 6 The Frankfurt Fairs Lent & September 1609

Appendix 7 Sales Figures for Some Publications of Plantin

Appendix 8 Impositions and Folding Schemes

Appendix 9 Additional Notes to Volume I



Short Title List of Plantinian and Officina Publications and Impressions